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This week’s episode has a cornucopia of indigenous content, with two great interviews as well as a look at what has been going on in the Faculty of Education’s “Year of Indigenous Education.”

First, Fiona talks to Dr. Candace Galla about language revitalization, the different means of storytelling, her recent research grant, and her preparation for the Aboriginal Language & Literacy summer institute. At the time of their conversation, Candace was getting ready for the Living Our Indigenous Languages Through Multimedia Technology event that took place on April 13. It’s a fascinating interview that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

After that, Fiona talks to Dr. Jessica Dunkley, a indigenous student who is graduating from UBC in May. They discuss Jessica’s experiences here at UBC as an indigenous student as well as the recently completed Walkabout (which you may have heard your hosts talk about once or twice recently). Walkabout was a virtual tour of over seventy indigenous communities, territories, and organizations in British Columbia.

There’s lots of fun in this episode, so we hope you enjoy it.

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Episode 57 (46:05)

Time Stamps

00:23 | Introduction
09:11 | Interview – Language Revitalization

Interview with Candace Galla

31:26 | Interview – Indigenous Student Experiences

Interview with Jessica Dunkley

42:33 | What’s Happening in PDCE?

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