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This week, we hope to broaden minds with discussions of both history and intellectual property as it pertains to educational technology and learning.

We open the episode, however, by discussing our top three Physical Education experiences from our childhood, which may come as a surprise to our PE teachers. We all have experiences that shape us as children, and many of them happened in our PE classes. We’d love to hear about your own experiences that you might remember and take with you even to this day.

After that, Dave talks with Dr. John Willinsky, one of the organizers of the “Recurring Questions in Technology: A Brief History of Consciousness & Learning” summer institute being offered here on the UBC campus. John is teaching on the first day of this five-day institute, running this Summer from July 9-13. His topic is intellectual property and how it pertains to learning and technology, and he discusses how it can become an issue as more and more teachers and students collaborate online. He also discusses how the Recurring Questions institute came about and exactly how it will work for students.

Jenny then talks to Dr. Peter Seixas, the Program Director for the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness here in the Faculty of Education. Peter discusses historiography:  how history is taught, what stories are told, by whom, and how. Especially, why history is important to teach. Peter also talks about the Historical Thinking Project summer institute that’s being offered through EPLT in Toronto this Summer, July 9-14. Peter offers hope to those of us who truly value the study of history and how it is taught in schools.

All of that and a lot more, including a little Home Improvement and welcoming Jenny to the Dark Side.

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Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts and guests, and not necessarily the views of either EPLT or the Faculty of Education at UBC.

To access all of the links mentioned on this podcast, please go to our blog page.

Time Stamps

00:11 | Introduction

Restorative Justice summer institute

14:13 | Interview – Intellectual Property in Learning & Technology

Interview with Dr. John Willinsky regarding the Recurring Questions in Technology summer institute

32:30 | Interview – Historiography and How We Teach History

Interview with Dr. Peter Seixas, Program Director for the Centre for the Study of Historical Consciousness, regarding the Historical Thinking summer institute

52:27 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

To access all of the links mentioned on this podcast, please go to our blog page.


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Selection 3 | “Popcorn” by Tenpenny Joke.

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The next episode will be posted on Friday, March 16.

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